Justin Bieber Unveils Christmas Album Cover 2011

    Teen music sensation Justin Bieber has unveiled the cover for his highly anticipated Christmas album, under the mistletoe, then announces the launch of the tracks later this year. Informing about the new record album, Bieber tweeted, "This is not your typical Christmas album."

    Justin Bieber Unveils Christmas Album Cover 2011
    The album, which will be guest performing as Usher and Boyz II Men are set to release in November. What I wonder why Justin agreed to do this picture after smoking a bowl, and why he looks surprised at the picture, as if the presence of a photographer to be on the shoot for his album cover is unexpected.

    According to information has a number of artists, including Usher and Boyz II Men collaboration with Bieber for the upcoming record which is set to hit shelves on Nov. 1.
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